RFP for Implementation of Plastic Recycling Management Programme: A Partnership

Last Date - 14 May,2019

Request for Proposal (RFP) for “Implementation of Plastic Recycling Management Programme: A Partnership” to be implemented in Jammu, Siliguri, Tirupati, Varanasi, Aurangabad, Ambernath, Ujjain and Ranchi

Project Background

UNDP India in collaboration with Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (HCCBPL), has initiated a project to minimize negative impacts and risks to environment and to human health in India, by enhancing sustainable Plastic Waste Management practices, through a socio-technical model (segregation/collection/recycling) while ensuring compliance with regulations, to improve use of resources and in line with Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in India.

In this project the waste pickers (Safaii Mitras) are to be institutionalized within respective governance mechanisms and attain improved social conditions. Project’s targets at the end of period are, to better manage an amount more than 85,000 MT/year of plastic waste and to improve socio-economic conditions of 37,500 Safaii Mitras.

Scope Of Work

The selected IP will undertake tasks as listed against each component. It is envisaged that the IP will ensure implementation of the following activities but due to the dynamic situation of Plastic waste management new activities can also be included in the contract.

The list below is for first year activities, some activities will be on-going during future years, along with new activities added in the subsequent years. Every year new budget lines will be agreed for the activities and a year plan will be approved.

Context of the Requirement To support UNDP in implementation of Plastic Recycling Management Programme: A Partnership. Partner of UNDP Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (referred as HCCBPL in this document)

Brief Description of the Required Services

The selected NGO/agency/company (referred as Implementing partner or IP in this document) is expected to facilitate implementation of activities as listed in the Annex-2 – Terms of reference in cities as identified by UNDP.

Location of work List of cities:

  1. Jammu

  2. Siliguri

  3. Tirupati

  4. Varanasi

  5. Aurangabad

  6. Ambernath

  7. Ujjain

  8. Ranchi

Ten (10) wards in each city. List of wards will be shared at the time of implementation (each ward is defined as 100,000 households and about 500-700 shops, establishments, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc.)

Expected duration of work One year initially. To be extended for maximum upto four years based on the availability of funds and satisfactory performance.

Criteria for Essential Eligibility/Qualification:

  • Agency should have minimum Annual average Turnover of INR Five Lakh in the last three years.

  • Agency should have presence in the city for which the bid is being submitted – The bidding agency to provide evidence of an operational office/presence in the city.

  • Agency should have minimum 1 year of experience in managing the solid waste/plastic waste management and operations.

  • Agency should have minimum 6 months experience working with Municipal Corporations, Urban/Environment/Pollution Control Board/Government of the respective city in any type of waste – provide evidence.

  • Agency should have a local network with minimum of 30 Waste Collectors in the City and a minimum of one year-6 months’ experience with waste collectors – Provide evidence of engagement in the template provided in Annexure 6.

Criteria for the Assessment of Proposal:

Technical Proposal (70%)

  • Expertise and experience of the agency [30 marks]

  • Methodology, Its Appropriateness to the Condition and Timeliness of the Implementation Plan [20 marks

  • Qualification and experience of proposed Team Leader [10 marks]

  • Qualification and experience of proposed Team [10 marks] Financial Proposal (30%)

To be computed as a ratio of the Proposal’s offer to the lowest price among the proposals received by UNDP.

UNDP will award the contract to:

  • Three or more than three Implementing Partners, as per following criteria:-

1. Bidder can apply for one or multiple cities, but one agency may be awarded contract for maximum 3 cities for which they score highest in cumulative evaluation.

Who can apply

Proposals are invited from Non-government organizations (NGOs)/ Community based organizations (CBOs) / institutions / organizations/social enterprise/ company only. Proposal submitted by Individuals will not be accepted.

Qualifications of Key Personnel

The Service Provider must provide:

  • Names and qualifications of the key personnel that will perform the services indicating who is Team Leader, who are supporting, etc.;

  • CVs demonstrating qualifications must be submitted if required by the RFP; and

  • Written confirmation from each personnel that they are available for the entire duration of the contract.

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