RFP for SITC of Solar Street Lights at IP/SV’s Terminals of DUPL under Silvassa maintenance base.

Last Date - 15 May, 2019

A system for evaluation of Vendors/ Suppliers/Contractors/ Consultants and their performance is a key process and important to support an effective purchasing & contracting function of an organization.

Performance of all participating Vendors/ Suppliers/Contractors/ Consultants need to be closely monitored to ensure timely receipt of supplies from a Vendor, completion of an assignment by a Consultant or complete execution of order by a contractor within scheduled completion period. For timely execution of projects and meeting the operation & maintenance requirement of operating plants, it is necessary to monitor the execution of order or contracts right from the award stage to completion stage and take corrective measures in time.


The objective of Evaluation of Performance aims to recognize, and develop reliable Vendors/ Suppliers/Contractors/ Consultants so that they consistently meet or exceed expectations and requirements.

The purpose of this procedure is to put in place a system to monitor performance of Vendors/ Suppliers/Contractors/ Consultants associated with GAIL so as to ensure timely completion of various projects, timely receipt of supplies including completion of works & services for operation and maintenance of operating plants and quality standards in all respects.

Scope of Bid

The Employer as defined in the "General Conditions of Contract [GCC]", wishes to receive Bids as described in the Bidding Document/Tender document issued by Employer. Employer/Owner/GAIL occurring herein under shall be considered synonymous.

Scope of Bid:

The scope of work/ Services shall be as defined in the Bidding documents.

The successful bidder will be expected to complete the scope of Bid within the period stated in Special Conditions of Contract.

Eligible Bidders

The Bidder shall not be under a declaration of ineligibility by Employer for Corrupt/ Fraudulent/ Collusive/ Coercive practices, as defined in "Instructions to Bidders [ITB], Clause No. 39” (Action in case Corrupt/ Fraudulent/ Collusive/ Coercive Practices).

The Bidder is not put on ‘Holiday’ by GAIL or Public Sector Project Management Consultant (like EIL, Mecon only due to “poor performance” or “corrupt and fraudulent practices”) or banned/blacklisted by Government department/ Public Sector on due date of submission of bid. Further, neither bidder nor their allied agency/(ies) (as defined in the Procedure for Action in case of Corrupt/ Fraudulent/ Collusive/ Coercive Practices) are on banning list of GAIL or the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Language of Bid:

The bid prepared by the Bidder and all correspondence, drawing(s), document(s), certificate(s) etc. relating to the Bid exchanged by Bidder and GAIL shall be written in English language only.

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