Meerut NGO sends sanitary pads to Modi to protest 12% GST

Protesting against the 12% Goods and Services Tax (GST) imposed on sanitary napkins, a Meerut-based NGO, Progressive Women Welfare Association, sent a packet of the products to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. The members of the NGO said that a sanitary napkin is an essential item for any woman between 12 and 55 years of age and it was “insensitive” of the government to put a tax on it.

Pooja Singh, secretary of the NGO, said, “A majority of the women in India are unable to afford sanitary napkins because of the cost. This is when it is a necessity for them and concerns both sanitation and menstrual health of a woman. By imposing 12% GST on sanitary napkins, the government has tried to make a mockery of women.”

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