NGO invites doctors to create cancer awareness

A cancer awareness program was organized by Graace India NGO, on 4th June in Sundernagar. Doctors from Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH), Jamshedpur addressed several topics during the program.

Doctors spoke about various topics like detection and prevention of Breast and Cervical Cancer in women of Reproductive Age as well as women after Menopause. They explained explained the Female Reproductive System with Pictures and some symptoms overlooked in the initial stage and neglected can lead to malignancy. Moreover one of the doctors practically demonstrated how to examine the breasts and be aware of any Nodules, Cysts or Tumours.

Dr. Jaya Moitra, President of Graace India NGO, concluded in a nutshell the views of all the learned Doctors and the mission of the Program, and informed that this will be conducted in the first Sunday of every month to educate, aware and stimulate people towards Cancer Free Society. All the queries of more than 50 Ladies were gracefully answered by the Speakers.

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