NGO gives sanitary pad dispensers in 19 schools

To break the silence around menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene Day was created to publicly recognise the right of women to hygienically manage their menstruation wherever they are. By acknowledging that menstruation is a normal human process and a sign of good health, Menstrual Hygiene Day confronts the stigmas attached to menstruation with collective advocacy, education and action. As a result, menstruating girls and women often feel ashamed and embarrassed. Global Menstrual Hygiene Day is being celebrated today, May 28 around the world.

While celebrating this day, Takarla village based NGO Khwahish Sewa Society (KHASS) is giving around 2250 adolescent girls from 19 government schools of Balachaur in Jalandhar access to sanitary napkins that can be dispensed for just Rs 2 each. These schools including six of senior secondary level and seven high schools are also equipped with sanitary napkin incinerator installed in the campus washrooms. Further, these schools also have lockers provided to the female students to store their personal belongings including sanitary pads.

Every girl going through menstruation is provided six free pads each month. Canadian NRI Giandeep Kheparh, running the NGO, has set a target, “This year 14 more schools in the Saroya Block of Nawanshahar will be menstrual friendly schools by the end of this financial year. The Rotary Club of Grande Prairie, Canada, is supporting us for funding this project”.

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